Have Sai Pallavi comments been taken out of context?

Sai Pallavi is busy promoting her next release, Virata Parvam. During a media interaction, she made comments about how she is against violence. While saying so, she talked about the violence in the name of religion and how she is against anyone trying to spread hatred in the name of religion. She used recent hit, “The Kashmir Files” movie for reference.

The comments are going viral and people are spitting hatred on her on social media. Let’s try to examine what he said and if the comments have been taken out of context.

What did she say? She said, ” In the movie, The Kashmir Files, they have shown Hindus being killed. If you see it from religious angle, then there is no difference between this one and a Muslim man is killed by chanting Jai Shree Ram for transporting a Cow. Both feel same to me and violence in the name of religion should be condemned.”

Now, some people are projecting her comments on social media, “Kashmir Pandits Genocide is same as a Muslim being killed in Cow Smuggling!” Well, she talked about the context of Hindu Genocide being shown as done by Muslim community with hatred towards Hindus and compared that perspective with this cow smuggling or cow transportation incident.

She meant it as looking at any kind of violence through religious perspective and did not directly refer to Kashmir Genocide. Before commenting and spreading false or fabricated statements, it would be best to see the video and understand the context!

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