Harish Rao: Telangana will be Agriculture rich state

THarish Rao, Minister of Telangana state commented that the state faced discrimination under United AP rulers but now it is an agriculture rich state. He further commented about how separate state Telangana has become a boon for the farmers in the state.

He said, ” In 5 years from being a poor water-less dry land Telangana has become a electricity surplus state. Now, we have water for irrigation, drinking and funds to help our farmers who are suffering. Rythu Bheema scheme is being applied by Telangana government only and no other state is being able to do so. We are releasing funds directly into the accounts of farmers.”

He advised farmers on cultivating in demand cash crops like Cotton. He commented that the government has been helping Oil seed farmers and we will keep helping them. He praised his government by claiming that the government showed spine against Central Government when they said that they will only give subsidy if Meters are connected at bore pumps by asking them to not give subsidy and state government is baring it all for the farmers.

The days have come when people are taking about farming as a profession as they used to talk about government jobs.

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