Harish Rao: Revanth Reddy can only talk, no action!

Harish Rao, Telangana Minister, slammed Revanth Reddy and talked about how Kodangal has been enjoying the fruits of development that KCR governance is bringing effectively to state. He asked Congress MP, Revanth Reddy, if he ever did any developmental program in his constituency being an MLA for 8-9 years.

He commented that Revanth Reddy knows only how to talk but can never really act. He said, “Ask Karnataka people, who are just few KMs away how Congress government is functioning there. People are unable to get power supply throughout the day despite having enough projects and suitable conditions to develop. Congress is history, it is a dead party. After Rahul Gandhi taken up the party leadership, 97% out of 100 have been losses for them.

“Such a party can never give you good governance. Revanth Reddy never brought a bus stop or a college or even roads to his constituency. But he is talking about KCR governance and Rythu Declaration scheme. Implement that scheme in your Congress ruled states like Rajasthan or Chhattisgarh. You cannot bring that to Telangana as Congress will never win here,” declared Harish Rao.

Revanth Reddy has been commenting recently about KCR and KTR. Harish Rao comments have come after his arrest by Hyderabad police to avoid violent protests during Congress Raj Bhavan seize.

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