Hardik Patel resigns; A big blow to Congress Party

Indian National Congress Party is trying hard to revive as BJP looks like it is set to win 2024 Union Parliament Elections throughout the Nation for third time. Rahul Gandhi is not gaining public trust as the feasible option and strong opponent to PM Narendra Modi. Even with growing inflation and few other problems, BJP is able to keep the trust among their primary voters intact while Congress is losing trust among their party members with each passing day.

INC at recent Udaipur meet, “Chintan Shivir” tried to showcase that they are going to give more preference to youth and use senior most leaders to groom the youngsters. But one of their star players and the leader they have high hopes on, Hardik Patel, Gujarat Congress President, resigned to party primary membership and his post.

He tweeted in Hindi on Twitter and the loose translation of what he said after submitting resignation is,

“Today I courageously resign from the post of Congress Party and primary membership of the party. I am sure that my decision will be welcomed by all my colleagues and the people of Gujarat. I believe that after this step of mine, I will be able to work really positively for Gujarat in future.”

Well, this is a big blow for Congress as they are hoping to build momentum against BJP in Gujarat under Hardik Patel and then push it across the Nation to say that Gujarat which started the Modi wave has lost faith in him and his party. Now, with Hardik’s move his supporters will distance themselves from Congress and it will be a huge void to fill for the Congress in the state. It could also result in many more young leaders around the country following Hardik Patel’s example. More tough times ahead for Congress in coming days.

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