Gyanvapi Mosque: Opposition lawyer claims fountain

Up court directed Varanasi Magistrate to not allow public entry at Gyanvapi Mosque and allow the prayers to be conducted at the pond where Shivling or relic of Lord Shiva is found. On Monday, 16th May, water has been drowned out of the pond and they found a Shivling, claims Hindu women.

They have asked Court for a year long access to conduct rituals at the said area. Now, Opposition lawyer has filed a petition to check the area thoroughly and claimed that it is a fountain but not Shivling as being spread by local Hindus.

He further claimed that to acquire the land owned by Masjid and other properties, the petitioners playing dirty games and he wished for the truth to come out soon, in time. Up Court shocked everyone when they accepted the claim that the relic is Shviling and allowed for prayers, rituals to be performed.

For now, Court has directed the local magistrate to not open the mosque for public yet. Just directed to conduct religious rituals to not hurt the sentiments of local Hindus.

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