Guj. Riots: Teestha Setlavad conspired with Ahmed Patel

SIT has submitted report claiming that Ahmed Patel has given money to Journalist Teestha Setlavad to bring then CM and now PM Narendra Modi into the case. Gujarat state has seen massive communal riots in 2002 and this issue has become the major defense for Congress against Narendra Modi as PM Candidate of BJP.

They still point out that he has been a part of the riots, encouraged them to be in power and divide people. Today, the division is seen certainly but is it all due to PM and his party? It would be grave generalization. As people started looking at things from communal angle, Gujarat Riots can be seen as the starting point for this radical division happening currently in India.

Anyways, SIT report claims that Narendra Modi and other 62 members did not have any hand in riots. In fact, the report claims that they have been astonished by the magnitude. SIT report also mentioned that Teestha and Ahmed Patel carefully planned a campaign to drag BJP government in Gujarat into the scandal.

Supreme Court has denied any permission to re-investigate in the riots issue and then SIT report accusing conspiracy, seems like Congress needs to find new things to attack and corner current incumbent government in next election.

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