Government expert says everyone will get Omicron

Dr. Jaiprakash Muliyil, who is the chairperson of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the National Institute of Epidemiology at the Indian Council of Medical Research, is a reputed epidemiologist. He has opined that everyone is going to contract the Omicron variant of the coronavirus regardless of vaccination. He also said that taking a booster shot is not going to make much of a difference. 

Dr. Muliyil, who is considered an expert in the domain, has invited flak for making an allegedly baseless statement with no scientific backing. Criticizing him, senior journalist Shekar Gupta today said, “This is an unscientific and irresponsible statement. If you must be the only ‘epidemiologist’ in the world to be saying it, you must produce the science & data to back it. This will only do harm esp as the booster program for 60+ people has just begun.”

Meanwhile, the expert has only repeated his assertion. Speaking to senior journalist Barkha Dutt, he said, ” – “Omicron is a gentlemanly virus that cannot be stopped. The traditional idea of test, trace and isolate is worthless for a virus in galloping community transmission.” 

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