Future PM of India will be known on March 10

Who will succeed Narendra Modi as BJP’s PM candidate? That’s a question whose answer will be known on March 10. 

Recently, senior journalist Rajdeep Sardesai suggested on India Today that Yogi Adityanath won’t get to succeed Modi if BJP wins less than 230 seats or so in Uttar Pradesh elections. This could mean that, if BJP wins more than 260 seats or so in UP, Yogi’s national ascension will become certain.

Columnist Minhaz Merchant is of the view that, as per surveys, Amit Shah and Yogi enjoy almost the same preference among voters. But Modi considers Shah as his second-in-command. 

There is a conspiracy theory that Shah doesn’t want BJP to win massively in UP. But this is merely a theory. Last year, there were speculations that even Modi wanted to reduce Yogi’s stature. But it turned out to be a false theory. Modi has been fully backing Yogi, who is believed to be enjoying a pro-incumbency wave in his State.

Rest we will know on March 10, when the results for Assembly elections will be out. 

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