Famous cricket journalist is banned by BCCI

Indian Cricket Test team member, wicketkeeper batsman Wriddhiman Saha shared screenshots on the public domain claiming that he was being threatened by a journalist for declining his request to give an interview. He did not reveal the journalist’s identity. BCCI took his complaint and formed an Apex council to investigate further into the case.

The council consisted of three member BCCI Vice President Rajiv Shukla, Treasurer Arun Dhumal and councillor Prabhtej Singh. They have asked Saha to submit his version and name the journalist. Saha named famous cricket journalist Boria Majumdar and the journalist has been asked to appear before the council.

Boria Majumdar offered explanation stating that Saha has doctored the conversation to fit his case. He gave his complete version too. Apex Council heard both their submissions and further invested into the matter by taking several testimonies from people who know them both. Now, they have arrived on the decision to ban the cricket journalist from any BCCI events for two years.

The journalist will be denied access to meet any Indian cricketers and he will not be allowed into any stadiums for coverage as well, during the ban period. Will Boria Majumdar challenge this verdict in court or not is yet to be known.

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