EU to gradually ban Russian Oil and Refined products

Russia is trying to categorize their attack on Ukraine as ‘Holy war’. According to Russian top media firms, Russian military has found satanic worship symbols on some military warehouses in Ukraine and hence, Russian government is fighting a holy war in favor of their religious beliefs.

European Union who have pledged to support Ukraine and force Russia to end the war has come up with new proposal of sanctions on Russian oil and refined petroleum product imports. EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen addressed EU Parliament in Strasbourg, Eastern France on Wednesday and proposed this new set of sanctions on Russia.

Ursula said that EU will gradually decrease their dependency on Russian oil and refined products in the next six months. Also she said that EU will put sanctions on Russia’s biggest bank and most popular broadcaster too. She said that EU will look for alternatives during the time so that the affect on world economy will be marginal due to this change.

She opined that getting all 27 Nations in EU, approval for these sanctions will be difficult as most of the Nations are dependent on Russian oil and energy. She commented that it is necessary to take strong measures on part of EU to help Ukraine and in that process, EU shouldn’t give rise to another global economic crisis. Hence their moves will be strong but gradual to reduce harmful affects.

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