Emergency in Sri Lanka and Army to control protests!

Sri Lankan crisis has reached its brink. Ranil Vickremesinghe has been appointed as acting President of the country. And news has come out that ex-president Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Mahinda Rajapaksa, Besil Rajapaksa and their families have been safely flown out of the country to Maldives. From there, they might reach Singapore, say reports.

Army, Navy and Air Force of Sri Lanka have come together on the orders of new President to avoid protestors from further damaging public properties. Ranil recently stated that protestors have burnt his only property, his house and his collections with it.

Now, protestors have marched into Prime Minister’s office and demanded resignation. They have also demanded Maldivians to hand over Gotabaya to them and not give him shelter. As the protestors stormed into the prime minister’s office, President Renil ordered for Emergency in the country with immediate effect.

Police have used all sorts of weapons like smoke bombs, lathi charge to control the protests. Still, the protestors haven’t stopped. Renil called the protestors fascists and said that the country needs to be saved from them. He has given Army full powers to shoot at sight, if someone dares to damage public properties. Army has cut Sri Lankan cable services, say news reports.

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