Draupadi Murmu becomes 15th President of INDIA

Smt. Draupadi Murmu has created history as the first Scheduled Tribe President of India and she will soon take oath as 15th President of the country. Polling has been held on 18th of July with Yashwanth Sinha as the candidate suggested for the presidency by the opposition against Draupadi.

By the end of Round 3 in counting she secured more than 50% votes polled and this has guaranteed her victory over Yashwanth Sinha. We have to wait for the entire counting process to end to know how many votes she has secured and with what margin she won over her opponent.

NDA who had maximum support in the Parliament had no doubt in win of their proposed candidate but they wanted this election to help them repair their image from any damaging allegations that opposition can bring to them. As opposition is using the communal violence to show NDA, mainly BJP, as anti-social and downward communities, they have brought in the angle of choosing Draupadi Murmu, a ST candidate who grew up the ranks to become Governor of West Bengal by her knowledge, skills and dedication.

After Prathiba Patil, she will be the second woman to become President of India. By choosing candidate who has less connection with politics, NDA played a good game to checkmate the united opposition. As per the time of publication of this article, Draupadi Murmu secured 2.161 votes while Yashwant Sinha secured 1058 votes.

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