Doctor Strange 2 set to open huge worldwide

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is releasing on 6th May in India and all over the world. Movie is projected to open for huge numbers in Korea, Japan, Vietnam and UK. It will take a bumper opening in India too. Few exhibitors are preferring to Doctor Strange over local Telugu releases in Hyderabad.

Movie could open to a massive 250-260 Million USD on the opening day worldwide and this is massive for any film in normal circumstances and it is phenomenal in a Covid-19 hit world. It is set to revise all post pandemic records. After Spiderman No Way Home, this is the first film to create such rush for tickets at the theatres and Marvel fans are very happy looking at the response.

Review Aggregator Rotten Tomatoes has given the movie 78% fresh rating and it means people who saw the movie have decided to recommend to others as well. Sam Raimi is a horror legend and he handled Tobey Maguire Spiderman series, which led to the surge in comic book based superhero movies.

He returned to comic book films after a long time and critics who watched the movie, have praised his vision. Benedict Cumberbatch and Elizbeth Olsen are said to have been at their charismatic best in the film. Many critics are advising people to watch both the post credit scenes before leaving the theatres.

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