Doctor Strange 2 gains positive word of mouth

Doctor Strange 2 or Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness is the sequel to Doctor Strange film and next edition from Marvel Studios. As Marvel has a habit of continuing their story telling from all their previous films and even web-series, stand alone TV films, we cannot call it a sequel but continuation to Marvel’s next big arc with Multiverse as major plot device.

Spiderman No way From Home introduced us to the concept of Multiverse and this film will take to mad level. Doctor Strange is one character who can travel through time as he is the protector of Time Stone and all realms as Sorcerer Supreme from dark magic. Using him to take the Multiverse concept to the next level in story telling has turned out to be a genius idea.

We are not saying so but the critics and lucky viewers who got to watch Premiere of Doctor Strange in Multiverse Of Madness are saying so. The movie got highly positive feedback from the premiere and the team is confident about achieving another massive success at the box office. They are talking about the post credit scene that will follow the film and without spoiling they are asking people to wait, watch and leave the theatres.

Elizabeth Olsen has done her career best and Benedict Cumberbatch is also at the top of his game, say viewers. According to the reports, Sam Raimi, the horror legend, handled this movie like a horror film and delivered the expected thrills with weird images. All performances and action sequences, big moments worked out well opined the critics.

With such positive word of mouth, Marvel seems to be continuing their winning ways at the box office and we can’t wait for the movie to release on 6th May.

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