Digital rape: An 80 year old man harassed a teenager!

An 80 year old man in Noida is arrested based on the complaint given by 17 year old teenage servant. According to the reports, Digital rape case has been filed on the man and he sexually harassed her for seven years.

She joined the house of the man 7 years ago at the ago of ten and he kept harassing for all these years. Digital rape case is field on those perpetrators who insert their fingers into the organs of women without their consent.

These kind of sexual harassments are increasing on women in India and gullible teenagers are being targeted by monsters for these activities. Psychiatrists insist that such behavior in humans is a result of either sexual frustration piling up for years or simply beastly pleasures being explored by mentally unwell people.

Doctors insist that young women, especially girls shouldn’t be ashamed to report such incidents fearing social shame. UP police have registered Digital rape case on the 80 year old molester and they have promised to see that he would never escape punishment as the teenager provided all necessity proofs.

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