Dharmapuri Arvind: KCR has damaged education system!

Dharmapuri Arvind, BJP MP, commented on Telangana CM KCR and his governance. He said, ” Why KCR is going after Narendra Modi and BJP? One has to keenly observe his motives to understand. He and his family have been in power in Telangana from past 8 years and nothing has been achieved by them. They just know how to grab land, increase their income and abuse the power. They just want to repeat the same nationwide. Hence, KCR is coming up with BRS and making moves against BJP.”

He further said,” BJP has been giving India the best governance that Congress never did and now, in the name of unifying opposition few vested interests are trying to cheat public and KCR is the leader of the pack. KCR has damaged the educational system in Telangana and IIIT students protest is an example. Central Government is releasing 6-7 hundreds of crores for under Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan. What happened to those funds?”

He commented that KCR has time to roam around to different states but he cannot go to IIIT, Basara in helicopter. He asked if IIIT is not in Telangana. He further asked, “When KTR can spend 13 crores for his Davos trip, why can’t government release money for improving infrastructure and standards of education. That too when students have started protesting”.

IIIT students have been protesting at Basara from past 3 days and they have 12 demands to be fulfilled by government. Sabitha Indra Reddy, Minister of Telangana, commented that the demands are silly. KTR, IT Minister of Telangana said that he would take these demands to the notice of CM KCR.

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