Debate ensues about Kalyaan Dhev’s career

It’s said that actor Kalyaan Dhev and Chiranjeevi’s daughter Sreeja are going to get divorced soon. If that happens, the ‘Super Machi’ actor will not be receiving moral and creative support from the Megastar. 

‘Vijetha’ and ‘Super Machi’ were reportedly greenlit by the ‘Acharya’ actor himself. He listened to the stories and gave the nod. This sort of backing is not going to be there from the ‘Bholaa Shankar’ actor anymore if the divorce news is true. Yes, both these films are poor but the moral support from a legend is precious for any budding actor. 

That said, Kalyaan Dhev may not give up, especially if ‘Kinnerasani’, his next film, becomes a hit. If he shows promise as an actor, producers will surely work with him in the future. 

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