Crime News: Food poisoning to 128 girls in Siddipet

We tend to not throw the left overs from last night or previous days. Many think that rather than wasting food, they should “make good use of them”. Some items should not be mixed and left overs should be thrown out or at least given away to others on that day, only.

128 girls have been checked by Siddipet Government hospital doctors after they have fallen sick due to food poisoning. At Siddipet public Minority girls facility, this incident happened and it shocked the doctors there.

They examined the girls and decided that all of them ate Brinjal curry and it caused for the food poisoning. Cook at the facility mixed left over chicken curry from previous night in the brinjal curry and that caused food poisoning.

A total of 326 students are studying in the Minority girls school and the facility has been controlled by the Telangana Minority Gurukul Co-operation. All the people who are responsible for this incident will be punished promised the officials.

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