Covid-19 cases on rise again in India, be alert!

Covid-19 cases have been under control from past one year. Indian health officials have been talking about next wave post winter season and during Summer season. The cases have been limited and the availability of the vaccinations have helped in controlling the spread for medical department specialists.

As the rainy season started, new virus variant has been found which is affecting even the people who are vaccinated. Hence, the Indian government has announced that the booster doses will be given to citizens for free.

Now, the new Covid-19 cases have been on a rise again. Total number of cases are said to have reached 1.45 lakhs number with new 20,557 positive cases added to the total on Tuesday. The positive cases on Monday have been approximately, 15k.

There is an increase of 5,000 cases and the number could go up. Health officials have advised people to follow the covid-19 guidelines and be alert, safe. As the medications and vaccinations, they have been advising to go for old adage, “Prevention is better than cure”. The death toll has come down considerably but the fear of Covid-19 new variants hasn’t gone away.

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