Covid-19 cases in India increased again, be safe!

Covid-19 cases on Monday, 6th June, saw an increase of 132% as per the official numbers released by the Health Department. Mainly, Maharastra and Karnataka have reported huge increase in the number of infections.

Both states have made mask compulsory again for the citizens living in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Mysore regions. 4518 new cases have been reported in the last 24 hours. Total active cases have risen to 26,976.

This is a huge spike in infections and major cities could ask for mask compulsory restriction again. There are chances of lockdown being announced in the states of Maharastra, mainly in Mumbai region on Sunday, if the trend continues.

Booster doses are being ordered by the Maharastra government from the surplus states to bring the situation under control. 8.8% increase in cases has been reported in Mumbai which is double to Maharastra average. Be safe and secure.

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