Congress: Extend GST compensation time by three years

Congress leaders are meeting at Udaipur NavSankalp Chintan Shivir and they addressed media on the second day to talk about the highlights of the meeting. The party put forth a demand to central government to extend GST compensation period to states by three years.

P Chidambaram, who worked as Union Finance Minister under UPA rule, said that BJP Government has implemented scathingly written GST laws and states are suffering due to it. As the recent pandemic put the states fiscal position further in doldrums, he opined that Government should extend the GST compensation period by three years as it is ending by this 30th of June.

He further stated that if Central Government fails to address the growing fiscal deficit, inflation issues and if it fails to address the GST issue then Congress party will go to extent to protest against the government.

NDA Government implemented Goods and Services Tax laws in 2017, under the notion, One Country One Tax and brought many goods under the taxable goods list. Now, few people are demanding to bring Petrol and Petroleum products under GST, as that will automatically decrease the rates.

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