Congress considers One Family One Ticket rule

Indian National Congress party has been facing defeats all around the Nation and lack of trust on the leaders that the party has produced is seen as the root cause for their abysmal performance. While the party’s trust in Gandhis is unwavering, party is trying to showcase a change in its approach to gain the trust of the people in coming elections.

Congress National Party is conducting Nava Sankalp Chintan Shivir 2022 for three days in Udaipur and on Friday, the 13th May, they started to discuss on the proposal of “One Family One Ticket” rule. Ajay Maken, AICC General Secretary talked to press about the proposal and said that party will continue to honor those that work continuously and tirelessly for the betterment at organizational level.

The exception for the rule will be given to those members who have been working for five years with the party cadre at different constituencies and show exceptional involvement, growth in the organizational activities. Ajay Maken also said that the party will look into the proposal of giving more than 50% of the seats to the members under age 50. He stated that party wants to make use of youth and senior members, equally.

Well, social media is trolling the press announcement stating that Congress will always bend rules to fit Gandhi family members. On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi made news headlines by travelling via train to Udaipur like a common man.

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