Come have a look at our Milkyway’s heart!

We are at times surrounded with questions like what exists beyond our earth. What is the Sun orbiting around? What is Milkyway? What is it going to become? What holds the Milkway galaxy together? How did it come into existence? Many more questions that are scientific, existential, philosophical and highly subjective.

Religion offers few answers and science started challenging them. Science needs proofs and scientists tend to find ways to gather them. After a long debate about what exists at the heart of our galax, Milkyway, scientists found the proof of the existence of a supermassive black hole.

Radio waves from the center have proved way back in 1930’s that a black hole exists and the irregular paths of many stars rotating around some massive object at the center also gave an indication that it is a black hole. Scientists or Astronomers tried to take a photo of our neighborhood massive object but it proved to be tasking than even setting our feet on moon.

Well, after 25 years of observations and taking first ever photo of a black hole, M87, Astronomers finally got the photo of our own supermassive blackhole, Sagittarius A*. Blackhole got that name as it is situated near the Sagittarius arm in our sky. As earth or our solar system is far away from the center, there are lots of stars, hot plasma and dust, debris that Astronomers had to scan through to achieve this photograph.

Team used Event Horizon Telescope to get this picture using radio astronomy. The team had to point the telescope at the right axis and for years scientists scanned through the data to finally achieve this historic result. It has been far more challenging to achieve this picture than the M87 as it was 2000 times farther way and 1600 times more massive. As we are near to Sagittarius A*, its radiation emissions varied over time and made it even tough to analyse. Let’s just say three cheers to the team and hope that astronomers will take this as inspiration and solve many more mysteries.

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