CM KCR slams BJP Government on Telangana Formation Day

Telangana Formation Day is officially celebrated on 2nd June. At various district head quarters state citizens are celebrating the formation day event. TRS, the ruling party cadre have been highly vocal and active. Kalvakuntla Taraka Ramarao, IT Minister of the state attended Rajanna Siricilla district headquarters event and said that he has a vision to make Siricilla, a model district in Telangana and India.

Telangana CM KCR attended the event at State Capital, Hyderabad. He slammed BJP Government at the center for showing discrimination against the state. He said that right from formation of the state, Telangana has been facing discrimination from the center in some form or the other.

He further alleged that Center hasn’t awarded the funds that State should rightfully receive from long time. Also, he alleged that Center Government has been neglecting them in some way or the other. He showed examples of High Court not being divided with AP for 5 years and losing out on few important areas in Kammam district.

He alleged that Center government did not care for State government’s requests to establish Bayyaram Steel Plant and Kajipet Train coach factory haven’t been answered after many remainders. Niti Ayog recommended Center to release 24 thousand crores to State for Mission Bhagiratha and Mission Kakitiya schemes, initiations. Till date, center did not release those funds.

KCR further stated that State is still progressing faster and further even though facing lots of discrimination. ITIR formation in Hyderabad got delayed and had Center approved it faster, IT Industry in Hyderabad would have flourishing by now.

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