“Chiranjeeevi” adds an extra “E” in the name?

Numerologists advice people to change their names or spellings according to the total they give post calculations. Several actors and popular figures tend to follow whatever it takes – astrology or numerology or sentiments to add the potential “luck” factor to their hard work.

Audience acceptance is hard to gain for any film. Producers tend to start their films on the luckiest day for them and luckiest time, so that they do not face wrath of the public but get their love in the form of box office collections.

Megastar Chiranjeevi changed his name for Telugu screen from Siva Shankar Vara Prasad following the advice of his first film, Pranam Khareedu producer, Kranthi Kumar. He never had to change his name again with all the ups and downs, he faced in his career.

All of a sudden, in Godfather Teaser, it appeared as Megastar “Chiranjeeevi” and Internet went mad about it. Actually, Megastar Chiranjeevi did not change his name and it is just spelling mistake from a young editor working on the teaser title graphics. The teaser released on 4th July has gone viral and Megastar Salt and Pepper look is being praised.

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