China warns USA about Nancy Pelosi visit to Taiwan

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has decided to visit South East Asian Nations like Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan. Her itinerary would also include a visit to Taiwan, said a Taiwanese official.

Nancy Pelosi did not comment about her visit and decided to talk to the government officials of the Nations. What kind of diplomatic talks will she have with them hasn’t been said out. Many think that she would talk about improving their relations related to trade and imports/exports manufacturing.

As her Taiwan visit would be seen as highly unnecessary interference into their internal affairs, China warned Army action against US/ Nancy Pelosi’s airplane, if it enters their territory without their permission. Taiwan has been a self-governed island nation but China has claimed it to be under their control and if anyone in the world try to support Taiwan’s claim, they would invite war with China and they would even make China to forcefully occupy Taiwan.

With all this political complexity in this situation, USA doesn’t want to have a war with China. But they have warned China to not try to instigate them as well. Biden already asked world to support them against Russia as if Russia will claim Ukraine by force then China will try to take Taiwan in the same way. USA has announced their support to Taiwan in case of war against China.

Will Nancy Pelosi visit Taiwan or not? Will there be a war situation between US and China as China warned US of Army action? We have to wait and see.

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