China claims to have detected “alien” signal!

China seems to have always come across as a nation secretive with its scientific advancements. It looks to stay away from technology developed by European and US based companies and develop its own technology all the while.

This requires lot of manpower, funds and secrecy as well. USA fears Chinese secrecy and then Covid-19 pandemic has made them into a country that could harm the World with its tendency to hide things until they can either share proudly or they blow out of proportion in their face.

Now, a paper has been released in Chinese official Science magazine, Science and Technology daily, stating that Sky Eye Telescope might have detected a signal related to “Alien Civilization”. Well, they have now removed that article or paper.

The suspicious signal is said to be detected way back in 2020 and recently in 2022. China decided to verify thoroughly before they can publish the results. This telescope has been manufactured and developed exclusively to detect signals from any alien civilizations, if they exist and they are as advanced as Humans on Earth. The search for the answer to the question, ” Are we ONLY living organisms in this Universe?” is still on.

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