Children also can get Covid-19 Vaccination

Indian Government has restricted Covid-19 vaccination among the children as they felt the children have heavy immunity power to fight the virus and also due to the possibility of new complications rising among them. The vaccine could cause side-effects among adults and they are chances that it will complicate young and underdeveloped immunity system in children.

But this has resulted in faster spread of Covid-19 among the children in India and there is a spike in cases recently. According to Government data, 15,636 new cases have been registered this year. Hence, there is a pressure on government to develop new vaccines that can be given to children as well.

Bharat Biotech who developed Covaxin came up with new batch that can be given to young children as well. While giving vaccinations to infants for Covid-19 is highly risky a vaccine for children 6-12 years of age has been under development for a long time.

Drug Control General of India who can be equated to famous CDC from USA, have given conditional approval for using Covaxin new batch for Covid-19 vaccination among the children of age 6-12 years.

Well, this development will help India to vaccinate more citizens and control the spread of the disease. When Children contract the disease, even parents also contract as children cannot look after themselves in quarantine. Soon, the vaccines will be made available the pre-conditions that are needed to be satisfied to be qualified to get vaccinated will also be announced. Keep watching this space for such updates.

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