Chandra Babu Naidu alleges high level corruption in AP

Nara Chandra Babu Naidu, leader of Opposition, alleged high level corruption in AP. He said that the government is taxing on every item and even on waste disposal and trying to cut down expenditure on welfare schemes as well.

He said,” This Government doesn’t know how to generate funds and acquire sustainable plans to make state financially stable. All they know is selling off or destruction and trying to bring loans. For a state so young, no body takes so many loans to just spend them on schemes. They take loans to build and make some money of such new buildings.”

He further alleged that corruption has grown in AP state. He called YCP Ministers as people who try to please their chief and do not work for welfare of people. He showcased the Atmakur By poll as the example for how people are not in support of incumbent government. He stated that the government did not increase their majority and that is a clear indication.

NCBN commented on lands being sold in Amaravathi for higher prices as YCP called it a crematory ground before. He called them political corruptionists. Well, he asked his cadre to be ready to fight against the government and work for TDP win in next elections.

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