Central Government not considering new SRC

Central Government run by NDA under Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been asked to answer about the formation of new states. As the old states have failed in sustaining growth organically and inclusively, the demand of new states has arisen say Opposition.

Government has announced in Parliament that they have no plans to form new State Re-organization Committee. Also it has commented that they have been receiving several applications, requests to form new states but currently India is not in the condition to allow the formation of new states.

Ministers have also announced that they are ready to discussions in Parliament about inflation, price hikes, GST and Covid-19 infections. As Nirmala Sitharaman, Finance Minister has not still recovered from Covid-19 inflection, ministers have said that rather than making issue and not allowing Parliament to function, opposition should co-operate to run the discussion and find solutions.

19 MPs from Rajya Sabha have been suspended for creating ruckus in the Rajya Sabha and not allowing sessions to function. Government announced that a harsh decision had to be taken to put the house under order.

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