Central Government increases Domestic Cylinder price

PM Narendra Modi in one of his review meetings with Chief Ministers of various states has asked State Government to reduce taxes to bring down petrol and diesel prices. He said that he can only request but not demand or order.

Now, Central Government has increased Domestic LPG Cylinder price by Rs.50. With this latest hike, the price of the cylinder has gone up to Rs.1000. This will definitely push household consumers to look at alternatives like electric stoves.

In villages, people might try to use charcoal and wood based old cooking styles to save money. If households in cities go for electric stoves, then the demand for electricity will increase and India is already facing shortage in electricity power production.

Well, Central Government might have to work on alternatives to price hikes or give subsidies to increase the dependency on alternatives to petroleum based products. If this trend continues, people might suffer too much and certainly no government wishes that.

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