BSE SENSEX drops by 1400 points!

Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange have faced huge losses on Monday, 13th June. BSE Sensex ended at 52,846.70 points and NSE dropped down from 15,800 points and ended at 15,774.40 points.

BSE started trading at 53,184 points mark and at one point fell down to 52,527.08 mark losing 1800 points. It recovered slightly to end up with 1456.76 points loss at 52,846.70 points.

Nifty dropped by 427.40 points to end at 15,774.40 mark. This meant that traders have lost Rs. 6 lakh crores money in just one day. Due to US Inflation, Federal Reserve Bank has decided to increase the repo rate points on loans to 75, say reports.

Also, Indian rupee value fell to 78.05 vs USD. Hence, the foreign traders started selling off their stocks to invest in some other country stock exchange. Even Indian inflation index numbers to be released on Monday, 13th June have decided this fate of Sensex. LIC stocks have been losing the highest after their debut and Indian Government might have to act fast to control the situation.

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