Brahmin vote to be partly stolen by SP in UP: Poll

The Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections will be held in seven phases in February and March. The results will be out on March 10. 

Psephologists and political commentators have been busy analyzing how much of the upper-caste vote will be cornered by the BJP this time. This is because there are doubts about Brahmins being as loyal to the saffron party as they were in 2017. 

As per psephologist Shashi S Singh, who has done an opinion poll for India TV, BJP will get only 62% of Brahmin vote this time, with the SP receiving 20%. If this happens, BJP will be in trouble and will lose in a number of scenes. 

A recent News 18 article said, “Uttar Pradesh is roughly made up of 25-27% general castes (including 10% Brahmins and 7% Thakurs).” Since Yogi Adityanath is a Thakur, it is said that Brahmins are against “Thakur domination” in politics. 

But others say that the Brahmin disappointment with the BJP is a lie created by a section of the media. 

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