Boyapati opens up about NBK and Allu Arjun multistarrer

Today, Nandamuri Balakrishna and Akhanda team shared their happiness over the humongous success of the movie with fans and movie lovers.

Post the success celebrations, NBK and director Boyapati Srinu shared some exciting details about the Akhanda sequel and a multistarrer with Allu Arjun. In the Q&A, Boyapati Srinu said that he left the lead for the sequel at the end of Akhanda. And said they will confirm the details about the sequel in the coming days.

He also said that anything and everything is possible here in our industry. And we just have to wait for the right time and things to happen while talking about the chances of making a movie in the combination of Balakrishna and Allu Arjun.

It was known that Boyapati was preparing a story for Allu Arjun. This film is likely to be materialized once the Icon star completes Pushpa The Rule.

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