Botsa Satyanarayana slams teachers’ comments

Andhra Pradesh Education Minister Botsa Satyanarayana slammed teachers’ comments on no necessity in introducing Pre-Primary in Public Schools. He said,” Teachers do not have right to comment on Government policy.”

He continued, ” When you are working as public school teachers, you are working for Government and hence, any policy by government should not be questioned without proper understanding. Government is looking to improve standards in public schools and pre-primary introduction is one of those policy decisions. How many of these teachers are sending their children to public schools for education? We need to compete with Private and CBSE, ICSE medium schools.”

Botsa then accepted that the delay has happened in printing text books and now, they have rectified it. He asked private schools to not include their separate syllabus in State authorized syllabus books. He asked them to remember that exams will be conducted only in State authorized syllabus and not in their own set curriculum.

He concluded the press meet by stating that the government has plans to improve infrastructure in government schools and they will announce their future plans, soon.

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