Bindu Madhavi gains social media support

Bigg Boss in India has become a very popular show in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil languages. Even in Malayalam and Kannada it has become a hit but Tamil, Telugu have been bigger hits. Now, an OTT based season with non-stop stream is going on and it is available on Hotstar.

Nagarjuna is hosting the show but his gig is same as previous seasons, he will talk to the contestants about the concluded week events and then give them suggestions on what went wrong for them and how they should perform in the house, going forward. Nine contestants are still in the house and they all are fighting for the title.

Bindu Madhavi, Akhil, Ashu Reddy, Mithraw Sharma, Natraj Master have been popular among them all. Now, Bindu Madhavi is gaining lots of support on social media for her sarcastic replies to Natraj Master and Mithraw Sharma. She has been having heated arguments with Akhil right from the second week and Mithraw has been poking at her, recently.

Natraj Master and she always had an uneven equation. Now, Bindu sarcastically mocked Mithraw and Natraj, Akhil supported Mithraw against Bindu. Few people are calling Bindu’s sarcasm as her over action to prove her point and many are supporting her. Fans of Bindu are running campaigns to unite and vote for her to win the title as well. Looks like after Abhijeet, Kaushal Manda from previous seasons Bindu is gaining popularity and support on social media for being attacked and replying back.

Bindu Madhavi is a Telugu girl who debuted in Telugu Cinema with Avakaya Biriyani film. She found major success in Tamil than in Telugu. She acted in hit films like Kazhugu, Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga with upcoming Tamil actors back then and now stars like Vimal, Krishna and Siva Karthikeyan.

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