Bimbisara Trailer Impression: A Time Travel Adventure

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram has come up with a new movie that too a huge fantasy adventure epic costume drama, Bimbisara. Movie is written and directed by Vashist. Kalyan Ram will be seen in the lead role, Bimbisara, as a ruthless evil King.

He loves to win and does anything to win a war. He himself is a war and to contain him, you have to be lucky. This is how Bimbisara character has been designed by the director. Bimbisara, ruled Magadha before Ashoka or any Mauryan Kings and expanded his kingdom using force like never before.

With him at the center, young director seems to have decided to bring a connection to history with the current world. Also, bring this real historic character into fictitious world. This is an audacious move, if the screenplay doesn’t convince the viewer. But the director and actor seem to be trying something new.

Trailer though gives us a feel that the director has been heavily inspired by SS Rajamouli as he even used some of the shots that we normally associate with SSR. Anyways, Kalyan Ram seems to have put in a lot of effort and we wish the result would be positive for him. Happy Birthday Kalyan Ram.

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