Bheemla Nayak surpasses one million mark

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan who made a comeback with Vakeel Saab was unable to get the one million milestone at the US box office due to severe Covid restrictions. Now, with Bheemla Nayak, he has done it.

Pawan Kalyan’s Bheemla Nayak has surpassed one million mark at the US box office(including pre-sales+ early bookings of Friday show). Prime Media which acquired the Bheemla Nayak rights have confirmed it.  This number is going to be huge.

Bheemla Nayak will become the highest for Pawan Kalyan at the US Box office by the weekend. In Telangana also, it will set new records. In AP, many theatres have been closed due to AP government vendetta politics.

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