Bhatti Vikramarka: Handover minor rape case to CBI

Hyderabad Minor rape incident has been creating sensation Nation wide. The involvement of a MLA’s son in the incident has made the news more popular. According to the reports, teens have raped a minor girl after coming out of pub. Telangana police did not disclose the photos of the teens involved and said that MLA’s son did not involve in the rape.

Bhatti Vikramarka, Congress political leader from the state talked to media and demanded government to release photos of the accused. He expressed doubt that police will be lenient on the accused as they are sons of big shots. He asked police to release the photo of MLA’s son accused as they did in other cases.

He expressed doubts on fair investigation and demanded government to handover the case to CBI. He also joined the people who are demanding the pub to be closed as they allowed minors into their establishment which is illegal. Vikramarka commented that the pub and drugs culture in India is growing and it has to be brought under control.

The demand for pub closure and arrest of all the accused is growing. BJP MLA Raghunandan also demanded a fair investigation and asked police to release images of the accused. Police have first expressed inability to trace out the accused and later stated that except for MLA’s son, all other youngsters are involved. Hence, the demand for fair investigation has reached its peak on social media.

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