BB Winner Bindhu Madhavi – A proud Late Bloomer!

We normally see people giving up after trying for something for some time. There comes a time in everyone’s life, when you feel Universe has worked against you and you have lost it. You lose the hope to fight and some people even commit suicide. Many give-up and give-in. But some even though are pushed to a corner, they work within the limits and push themselves further with whatever opportunities they find. These kind of people see some kind of success after long struggle, they are called Late Bloomers.

This category is not as lucky as instant successful young achievers. This category is not as novelistic and enchanting as early achievers. But they are poignant, intelligent as failure, constant effort helps you learn patience. Makes you better at handling tricky situations. Helps you access, observe, learn and then proceed. Being a Late Bloomer might be problematic to people who expect from us and people who want us to be among the achievers or even for naysayers as they miss someone whom they can look down upon.

It is important to never lose hope and learn from every instant from life. May be you seem to repeat mistakes or find yourself in repetitive patterns but learning from previous mistakes shouldn’t never be lost. Bindhu Madhavi, in her winning speech talked about how persistence and perseverance helps. For uninitiated, she won Bigg Boss NonStop, Telugu OTT season against finalist, Akhil Sarthak and Mithraw Sharma.

In an emotional speech, she stated the importance of never giving up. After debuting in films with Avakayi Biryani in Telugu, being a Telugu girl like Anjali, she found success in Tamil. She became a successful pair opposite Vimal and Sivakarthikeyan. Today, actress who acts with Sivakarthikeyan is instantly finding fame but she couldn’t find as much success as Keerthy Suresh or Priyanka Arul Mohan or even Sri Divya. For a year or two, she found plenty of opportunities but then they dried out.

She finally found an opportunity to connect with her native language people with Bigg Boss Non Stop and she managed to overcome pain, allegations, mockery and constant judgement to emerge as a winner. Another woman contestant who could come close to winning trophy in Bigg Boss Telugu history is Anchor Sreemukhi. Bindhu could do one step better than her and win it. So, if you are considering giving up, look around and see what opportunities are laid around you, it is okay to wait and take up something lesser than you’ve wished for. May be it could lead to a better one tomorrow and change your story.

Bindhu could become the first Telugu Bigg Boss woman winner ever and it will be history after 15 years in Films. May be your turn might come one day to create history. Never. EVER. GIVE UP!

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