Baahubali producer slams this Oscar Winner

Resul Pookutty has a bad habit of reacting to few things that he need not or at least reacts to those issues that public don’t expect him to do so. He cooks up a controversy out of nowhere at times.

He did win Oscar for his work for being a part of Slumdog Millionaire team but that doesn’t make him the ultimate judge to pass out controversial comments. There is no necessity for everyone to like every film. One can express it as well but making some unnecessary comments makes it tasteless and sad.

Baahubali producer Shobu Yarlagadda stated the same about Tasteless, “Gay Love Story…” slam on RRR reacting to someone who disliked it. Shobu reacted to his comments and said,

“I don’t think @RRRMovie is a gay love story as you say but even if it was, is “gay love story” a bad thing? How can you justify using this ? Extremely disappointed that someone of your accomplishments can stoop so low!”

Well, Resul Pookutty even if he wanted to joke about US audiences thinking it as a Gay love Story, this is not the way to do so. As we noted earlier, some unnecessary comments at wrong time by a person who has a long list pf accomplishments to boast about.

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