Asian Games 2022 have been rescheduled in China

An air of uncertainty has been hovering around 19th edition of Asian Games to be conducted in China, this year. Olympic Council of Asia, OCA, has decided to meet at Taskent today and at the meeting, they have come to a decision to postpone the games rather than going ahead with the original plan.

OCA updated this in their website and sighted the surge in Covid cases in China as the reason for this decision. Hangzhou, where the games are scheduled to be held has been hit by Covid-19 new wave in China and organizers have expressed concerns over smooth sailing of the event.

Even though there is time, OCA did not want players to be under the risk and hence, they have decided to reschedule the games. New dates will be issued soon and we don’t know if there will be change in the venue also.

Indian athletes are hoping to win medals in Shooting and Swimming events while most others have China dominating in Asia. This new decision will hinder the preparation of athletes and we hope the best won’t lose their chance to win due to Covid-19 outbreak.

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