Asani Cyclone: Pawan Kalyan worries about farmers

Pawan Kalyan is seen as people political leader who raises voice about the issues and problems that normally get ignored. Whenever there is an issue, he definitely takes an initiative to raise his voice and express his concern.

AP CM YS Jagan has been keenly monitoring Asani cyclone path and the devastation it could cause in the lives of AP people. He has asked officials to report to him about all the progress with minute to minute details. He even announced Rs. 2000 per family as compensation.

Now, Pawan Kalyan issued a letter addressing his concern about Paddy farmers and asked Government to not be strict on 17% moisture rule. He asked people to go to safer places and be protected from the cyclone.

He noted that fishermen living near coastal areas are badly hit and pointed that even the people whose houses are damaged should be compensated.

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