Asani Cyclone: Likely Landfall near Machilipatnam

Indian Meteorological Department predicted Asani Cyclone to vessel out inside the Bay of Bengal sea without hitting the coasts of Andhra Pradesh or Odisha. Cyclone changed the direction towards Northern side and weather experts predicted no harm for Andhra Pradesh state.

Suddenly, the cyclone changed its path drastically and the severe cyclone is likely to landfall near Machilipatnam. Due to this sudden change, Krishna, Guntur and Prakasam district areas could get heavy drowning rains in next 48 hours.

Already several areas have started receiving heavy rainfall. Weathermen who predict the path of storms and give updates has tweeted that it is highly difficult to predict the path of an erratic storm like Asani and forecasts couldn’t predict it accurately.

Well, AP Government has issued second level warning in the State and asked people living near the sea to not come out unless it is highly necessary. It has already banned fishermen from going into the sea. Several officials have started shifting fishermen staying too close to coasts to safer destinations.

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