Asani cyclone intensifies and AP to get huge rainfall

Cyclone Asani intensified into Cyclone storm and it is situated 550 kms South East to Vizag in Bay of Bengal. The cyclone is travelling at a speed of 25 kms per hour and it is expected to landfall near Vizag and Odisha coast but not reach the coastal land by 10th May. Andhra Pradesh State Government has issued second level warning along the ports in coastal areas.

The weather department has issued warning to fishermen to not go into deep sea till 10th May and stay away from any activities near sea from 10th May to 12th May. Weather department has predicted heavy rains along the coastal cities over the next few days and due to the influence of the cyclone, they have predicted winds to flow at the speed of 60 km along the coast of Andhra Pradesh.

State Weather Department also predicted rains in the state of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh throughout the week under the influence of the cyclone storm. IMD issued rainfall warning saying that there could be heavy to moderate rainfall in North East states and heavy rainfall in isolated areas in Northern Andhra Pradesh and Odisha states.

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