Are you planning for Tirupathi? Here is a Good News

Tirupathi is the land of Lord Venkateswara or Balaji or Srinivasa, whatever name you prefer. Devotees of the lord rush to visit him at least once every year or month or whenever they can. There are families that just want to shift to Tirupathi or best Tirumala. There are many who would leave everything for a job in TTD, Tirumala or in Tirumala Temple.

Such is the craze to visit the god’s abode, as it is referred to Kaliyuga Vaikunta. Daily revenue of the temple crosses Rs. 3 to 4 crores at peak times at it doesn’t decrease from Rs.1 crore any day. 55,000 to one lakh people visit daily and if the number drops from this average then it is believed that rush is less than the normal.

Hence, the pressure on officials to make arrangements for maximum number of people to visit the Temple, complete darshan and stay if they wish to has been always high. Now, South Central Railways have introduced 20 Special trains to run between Hyderabad – Tirupathi and Kakinada to Tirupathi. These trains will touch all major stations in both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

The special trains will run for the Summer season as the ticket demand and rush will be high during the school holiday season with many parents planning family trips. If you are worried about getting tickets to reach Tirupathi, you have a good news to not worry at all. But for Darshan, Seva tickets you have to go to TTD official website and make arrangements. Then what are you waiting for, go plan quick.

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