Are you looking to move to Canada? Consider this one!

Everyone of us look for a chance to find better life and better opportunities to grow. The surge and boom in IT and Software Industry has created numerous opportunities for everyone to fulfill their dreams. Now, we are always on the look out to find the right opportunity as gates have been opened out for many. Finding the right person who can guide us is difficult but not impossible. Just you have to look at the right place too.

Y-Axis has been a leader in consultancy services and they have a record of guiding many individuals successfully to their foreign destinations when the right opportunities have arrived for the suitable candidates. They promise to find what suits you best than selling you a dream and make money out of it. Now, they have joined with Calgary Economic Development and are holding a job fair for IT professionals to move to Calgary, Canada.

Please read the following Press Release for details and take a carefully educated decision that benefits your future. We wish you all the best.

“IT& Software professionals, here is your chance to move to Calgary, Canada

Interested individuals can plan their settlement in Canada by availing of this excellent job opportunity

Hyderabad, 15th July 2022: For the first time, Calgary Economic Development (CED) in association with Y-AXIS, the world’s largest immigration consultants, is holding an online job fair. The objective of this career fair is to help IT and software professionals interested in moving to Calgary, Canada, to get suitable jobs. The virtual job fair will be held between July 10 and July 25, 2022.

Candidates looking for career opportunities in Calgary, Canada, can connect with more than 50 employers with 1000s of job vacancies. IT and software professionals can utilize this great opportunity to work and settle down in Canada.

Who can apply?

Individuals with in-demand skills can apply and once shortlisted can attend job interviews with Canadian employers. Job seekers looking for job opportunities in Canada can apply while openings are still available. People who are interested can get in touch with Y-Axis and check their eligibility. This is a FREE job fair and there are no charges to apply for it. Jobs are not guaranteed and are at the discretion of the employer. Y-Axis also does not charge a placement fee.

Chance to work in Canada

Candidates seeking career growth and development can get benefit from this job fair. Applicants with work experience in particular occupations can apply for jobs from outside Canada. Speak to your Y-Axis consultant for more details.

About CED

Calgary Economic Development provides opportunities to individuals who can contribute to Calgary’s economic growth and diversification. CED offers a wealth of information to help everyone succeed and promotes Calgary worldwide. It connects people with resources to help them grow their careers or businesses and thrive in new locations or markets and feel at home in Calgary’s welcoming and inclusive community.

About Y-AXIS

Y-AXIS is the world’s largest and most trusted immigration and visa consultant. They assist clients wishing to work, study, visit and migrate and invest in countries like Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and Europe. Y-AXIS has been creating Global Indians since 1999.

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