AP police don’t spare even kids for YSRCP

In a shocking development from Andhra Pradesh, AP Police have kept few kids aged 10-15 years in police station of Piduguralla for a day in the name of questioning. The police have said that they received a report from local YSRCP leaders stating the young kids from Jalapadu village have tore down few flex banners erected by YSRCP leaders in the area.

Normally, police try to counsel kids and tell them what mistake they have committed if they are proven guilty. Here police have kept them in the station for hours almost a day in the name of questioning. Local police have supported their act by stating that they have called children along with their parents to the station and not just kids.

Kids of that age are highly impressionable and this kind of acts will make them more rebel in nature than they are. It is important to tell them what mistake they have committed rather than showing brutality. Even parents are not allowed to hit their kids these days and police acting this way, is quite shocking.

National media is reporting it as police harassment against young kids to please the government. It is understandable to treat young criminals harshly but this is too much of a harsh treatment for an excusable and silly mistake they claim. Already AP Government policies have been gaining negative feedback from public and the lack of power, growing inflation in the state and price hikes have resulted in bad reputation for the government.

These kind of inhumane acts will only increase negative impression against the State. People would love to live in a prospering state than at a place freedom of expression is at risk even for kids. AP people on social media are trolling the Government and officials should act more responsibly.

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