AP MLC Anantha Babu surrenders to Police

YSRCP MLC Anantha Babu surrendered to AP Police after being on the run for few days. Police found dead boy of Driver Subramanyam in a car and they started investigating about the whereabouts.

They have decided to question MLC Anantha Babu and he decided to abscond. Police chased for him and being YSRCP MLC, many thought he might get government support. But party or government did not interfere into the investigation and Anantha Babu surrendered to police on 23rd May.

He revealed that Subramanyam blackmailed him that he will reveal some intimate details about his life. Anantha Udaya Bhaskar Babu revealed that he did not have any intention to kill his driver but just wanted to hit him and warn. While hitting him, he got too angry and he lost control on himself.

Anantha Babu further revealed that he only killed Subramanyam and nobody assisted him. He will be presented before Kakinada Magistrate. Anantha Babu surrendered Kakinada Police and they will soon take him to magistrate. You can watch the case proceedings live on your favorite NTV, here.

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