AP MLA Atchannaidu blasts at AP CM YS Jagan

Atchannaidu represents Telugu Desam Party from Vishakapatnam district and he has been vocal about “supposed” failures of Jagan’s governance. He has been criticizing Jagan and his party members on several occasions.

On 30th May at an event, he called Jagan’s government a clear example of benefitting people close to CM. He alleged that with reverse tender system CM collapsed the irrigation projects and Sunrise Andhra Pradesh in TDP’s governance has abolished into financial crisis.

He satirically commented that state doesn’t need a CM who takes loans and disperses to people and then hits a button. He praised NCBN as visionary and called AP was shining during TDP rule. He asked government why they have neglected Vizag and where are investors, industrialists who showed interest few years ago to invest in and around Vizag.

He slammed government by calling it run by thieves and criminals. Atchannaidu stated that TDP gave 9 BC, SC, ST MLAs Minister posts among 103 MLAs and out of 151 YSRCP gave to only 10 and they are celebrating. He asked people to look at the ratio and decide who are truly working for empowerment of oppressed classes. He alleged Jagan being supportive to only his community leaders.

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